Get the Most Out of Your oliso Smart Iron: Tips for Optimal Use

As you may have heard, the oliso Smart Iron is not your typical iron, it’s an iron that has been reinvented for you. For starters, your oliso iron should always remain horizontal and has no need to be lifted at any time! Our patented iTouch Technology allows your Smart Iron to lift itself up and down, relieving you of repetitive (and maybe painful) motions. This special technology may seem daunting at first, but it’s actually just the opposite. We have reinvented our Smart Irons to make your life easier! That being said, we have a few tips and tricks to ensure you get the most of your oliso Smart Iron.

iTouch Technology

Our iTouch Technology can take some getting used to, but once you start using it, you won’t be able to stop. Leaving your iron horizontal will save you time and keep you from harming your wrists, arms and shoulders. During the adjustment period, make sure to be patient with your oliso Smart Iron. When you touch the handle of the iron, the scorch guards (A.K.A., the “feet”) may take a few seconds to lower. Make sure the scorch guards completely collapse before you begin to iron. If you start to move the iron too quickly, the guards may snag the fabric, but they are designed to go completely inside the iron before movement occurs.

The Water Tank

As with all irons, the water tank should be emptied after every use. This will ensure a clean water tank for every new ironing session. Additionally, the oliso smart iron requires tap water or bottled spring water, never 100% distilled water. This is because distilled water is so pure that it has the ability to remove minerals from the metals inside the iron, causing premature leakage. The only exception to this rule is if your tap water is hard (contains a high amount of minerals). In this case, oliso recommends filling the tank with ½ tap water and ½ distilled water.  


Auto Shut-Off

All oliso Smart Irons are equipped with an Auto Shut-Off system for the safety of your family and home. The oliso Pro TG1600 (specialized for quilters and sewers) has an auto shut-off of 30 minutes. oliso’s other models - the TG1100 and TG1050 - both have an auto shut-off of eight minutes. If the iron is somehow knocked over, all oliso Smart Irons will turn off in 30 seconds. If the iTouch Technology is turned off and the scorch guards do not activate, the TG1100 and TG1050 will automatically shut off in 30 seconds. The oliso Pro TG1600 will remain on for 3 minutes, as this iron is designed for pressing. While the auto shut-off is a great safety feature, oliso does not recommend using this as the method to turn off your iron after every use. When your ironing or crafting session has come to an end, oliso recommends first ensuring the scorch guards are deployed, then turning your fabric and steam selector dials to the OFF position, as well as unplugging your iron. Finally, let the iron cool and empty the water tank before putting the iron away.


Over time, your soleplate and steam chamber may need cleaning. For soleplate cleaning, oliso recommends using a hot-iron soleplate cleaner. To clean the internal steam chamber, begin by heating up your iron, preferably near a sink or drain, and fill the water tank. Then, over the sink, repeatedly press the “Steam Burst” button until water drips heavily out of the bottom of the soleplate. This will remove any mineral deposits that have built up.



Finally, all oliso Smart Irons come with a one-year warranty, with the option to purchase three-year or five-year warranties. If something happens outside of your warranty period, you can always contact our customer service department for troubleshooting or to learn more about our repair services. They can be reached by phone or email: 1-800-899-5157 or You can always get your iron repaired, no matter where you are in your warranty timeline. Do you have more questions about maintaining and caring for your oliso Smart Iron? Leave them in the comments below!



I received an oliso series 1200 for a gift and did not get a receipt she kept it…. so I have not sent the warranty card in What am I to do


How hot in degrees are the irons by setting?

Bob Morella

I love this iron and it would be useful for making quilts this year!

Bob Morella

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