Cupcake Burlap Birthday Banner and Goodie Bags

  1. Premade burlap or cloth banner and goodie bags
  2. 3 or more coordinating cotton fabric
  3. Scissors, paper, pencil
  4. Print off free line art from web and cut out to make your stencils or draw freehand (test size to fit your banner and bag space)
  5. Various colors and widths of ribbon (optional)
          Oliso Mini Iron Instructions:
    1. Iron Heat and Bond to the wrong side of the fabric cut to fit your stencils
    2. Trace stencils shapes onto paper backing and cut out
  1. Peel off paper backing and iron onto banner and bags
  3. Cut length ribbons to 18” and fold in half. Slip top of folded end under banner cord and loop tails onto itself. Pull tight to secure

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