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Time Magazine"You've scorched your last dress shirt. When you let go of the Oliso steam iron, it automatically lifts itself to stand about an inch above the board"
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Martha Stewart Living"Makes ironing easy, even a little fun! It lifts away from the ironing surface when you take your hand off the handle to prevent scorching"
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Men's Health"Let go of the handle and two robotic legs pop out from the bottom, lifting the scalding iron away from your Armani shirt."
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Serious Eats"I've recently dropped my much-used FoodSaver in favor of the Oliso PRO Smart Vacuum Sealer, a clever device that allows you to seal foods in reusable zip-top bags while achieving and maintaining the same level of vacuum seal as any countertop vacuum sealer."
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Fons & PorterFeatured On Air
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Sewing With Nancy"The Oliso stands head and shoulders above other water-bath sous-vide systems because of its flexible induction base"
Wired Magazine"I ran the sous vide for 36 hours and it didn’t skip a beat. It’s quiet. The rubber-rimmed glass lid looks beefy enough to seal off a submarine airlock and does a great job of keeping heat in"
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Oprah Magazine"Hard to believe that a device the size of your palm has the power and speed of a professional vacuum sealer"
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CNET"The Oliso stands head and shoulders above other water-bath sous-vide systems because of its flexible induction base"
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Wendy Williams Show"Traditional irons are unstable and can cause accidental scorching to fabric and user burns. Patented iTouch technology allows the iron to lift and lower when activated by the user’s touch. The iron automatically shuts-off after 8 minutes so you never have to worry you left your iron on!"
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Digital Trends"No counter space? Oliso does sous vide and induction cooking in 1 square foot"
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GeekDad"I’ve also tried making some chicken breasts in the SmartTop, and they turned out great–with the sealed bags holding in the moisture and the precise temperature control, we got fully cooked chicken that wasn’t dried out."
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Real Simple Magazine"No danger of burning clothes—it lifts itself up when you let go of the handle.. worth it for the peace of mind"
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New York Times Magazine"Oliso's SmartIron boasts an auto-lift system that kicks in with every stop and go. No need to set the iron on its heel, one automative grunt drops miniature stilts that prop the iron up till you're ready to roll"
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Good Morning America"This is the best Iron I've ever seen," says ABC Good Morning America Host Kate Snow.
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Popular Science"Vacuum Sealing keeps food fresh, but most consumer packers are large and cumbersome, and each sealing requires a new bag. Instead of closing the whole end, the Oliso Vacuum Sealer punches a tiny hole in the bag to draw out air and seals the puncture with heat."
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The Washington Post"The new Oliso iron with the Auto-Lift System has little feet that shoot out when you pause your ironing, keeping the iron in a more stable, horizontal position."
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Backpacker Magazine"At around ten uses per bag, the cost is quite reasonable.The Oliso Pro can also seal wet food such as soups. I loved using the test unit so much that I bought it and gave away my old vacuum sealer."