A Sous Vide BBQ

A Sous Vide BBQ

  Did you know that you don’t need a grill or smoker to have an all-American barbeque? You can create a variety of classic barbeque recipes all within one square foot of your kitchen using the oliso SmartHub. The SmartHub has the precision and versatility to create tender and juicy BBQ staples for all of your friends and families to enjoy. Below, check out our top five favorite sous vide BBQ recipes that can all be recreated in your home using the oliso SmartHub.

Three-Sauce Chicken Wings

Who doesn’t love a perfectly cooked chicken wing? Using the oliso SmartHub and Smart Vacuum Sealer, you can create your favorite type of chicken wings and sauce. Our sous vide chicken wing recipe gives you three mouth-watering sauces to choose from. Keep it classic with a traditional hot sauce created with four simple ingredients. If you’re not a fan of spice, stay mild with our delicious teriyaki or treat your guests to a new flavor profile with our tangy orange bourbon sauce. Find the full recipes here.

BBQ Beer Ribs

Ribs are a true BBQ staple, but they usually take a lot of patience and practice to make perfectly. Using the oliso SmartHub, you can set your desired temperature and let them cook while you focus on creating a savory beer sauce. With just three ingredients, take your ribs from good to great. Our recipe for sous vide ribs will have your guests convinced you’re a BBQ master. Read the full recipe.

Perfect Pulled-Pork

You can’t go wrong at a BBQ with pulled-pork. It’s smoky, juicy, and absorbs all those perfect BBQ flavors. Using our sous vide pulled-pork recipe, you’ll make the most tender pulled-pork that pitmasters strive to produce. Creating the perfect pulled pork is a little more complex than our other recipes, but it’s worth it! Check out the full recipe here.

Easy BBQ Pork Buns

Speaking of pulled-pork, add a twist to the recipe and turn them into pulled-pork buns! These little pork balls will taste just like a savory pulled-pork sandwich. They make an excellent appetizer for any BBQ and will leave friends and family feeling fulfilled. Find the full recipes for the pork, dough and sauce here.

Slow-Cooked BBQ Beef Brisket

Last but certainly not least, is our slow-cooked BBQ beef brisket. Like ribs, beef brisket is a challenging BBQ recipe to master. Our sous vide beef brisket recipe will help any homecook master beef brisket like they have been cooking it for years. First searing the meat, then slow-cooking with a combination of spices, will bring out the natural flavor of the brisket, leaving you with a delicious meal to share. Find the full recipe here and start cooking! Which barbecue recipe are you most excited to try? Let us know in the comments below!

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