2023 New Years Updates

2023 New Years Updates

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Oliso’s New Year News Updates

Quilts in the Wild

Nico staying cozy and stylish on a cold New England day

Nico the horse staying cozy on a chilly New England day in a hand stitched improv quilt.

Nico’s improv quilt was hand stitched by his neighbor Michele Muska, our very own Community Director.

Show us your #quiltsinthewild on Instagram! #olisoconnects #createwitholiso

New Year New Shows!

We hope to see you at one of the upcoming shows with our iconic iTouch irons and all of our new pressing gear products.

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Minki Kim, fabric and Pattern designer, @zeriano on IG will be in our booth 413 Saturday at from 12:30 to 2:30.

Picture of designer and quilter Minki Kim. Click to visit her youtube Channel

Stop by to see some of Minki's cute projects and patterns.

Next Up

QuiltCon show logo, 23rd to 26th February. Click to visit website
Sewing & Stitchery show logo. March 2 to 5th. Click to visit website

Look out for next months Newsletter for more details.

Andrea Tsang Jackson

Featured Quilter

Image of a persons hands on an Andrea Tsang Jackson Quilt. Click to visit her websitequilt

Besides being a fantastic quilter and designer, our friend Andrea Tsang Jackson has a long history of being instrumental in the development of many public space art projects.

We hope you will take a look at what she is doing now at 3rd Story Workshop

Special Limited time Offer

Purchase any ProPlus Smart Iron and Carry Bag together and save $15 off the bag.

Use discount code carryaway15 at checkout.


Offer ends midnight 1.21.23

Click to watch the Oliso Carry bag demonstration on youtube.Get Carried Away!

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