July 2023 Newsletter: Color Me Kaffe, Mimi G's new book & The Art of Cosplay

July 2023 Newsletter: Color Me Kaffe, Mimi G's new book & The Art of Cosplay

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The summer season is in full swing! Which for many of us will mean taking a vacation or some relaxation time by the pool or in the backyard with a good book.

And do we have the perfect book for just that? Plan your late summer or fall/winter DIY wardrobe with Mimi G's new book!

Sign up below for a chance to win a signed copy, along with the Oliso Mimi G ProPlus iron and matching ironing board cover.

Textiles Talk will feature a panel of designers to discuss The Art of Cosplay moderated by me!

You can also vote for the #colormekaffe challenge with Free Spirit, plus get great discounts on some of our best-selling products.

We hope you enjoy the summer months ahead.


Michele Muska

Director of Content and Community

Mimi G’s new book

We’re giving away a signed copy of Mimi G’s new book make it yours with Mimi G, along with a Mimi G iron and matching ironing board cover.

Mimi G reading her book; make it yours with mimi g. Click to learn more.

My book aims to eliminate the fear and broaden perspectives on working with patterns. It emphasizes that patterns are just guides and encourages you to explore your creativity by envisioning new possibilities of a pattern. It simplifies the process and expands your creative horizons. Mimi G

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Sign up ends midnight 07-21-2023

Save $25 on Mimi G iron

The Mimi G auto lift iron, is dressed in Mimi G's iconic leopard skin print.

All the features of Oliso auto-lift iron, idea for sewing and quilting, wrapped in Mimi G’s iconic leopard print design. Use code Mimi25 at checkout.

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As a proud sponsor of the Free Spirit Fabrics #ColorMeKaffe challenge we invite you to cast your vote on your favorite fashions.

To cast your vote in the four categories simply give your choice(s) a heart. You may vote for multiple submissions, but you can only vote for each one time.

There not much time left, voting will close on Friday, July 14, at 11:59 PM EDT.

Vote Now

Textile talks

The Art of Cosplay

Combining fashion, fiber art, and storytelling, these cosplayers express themselves and find community through their artwork.

Janelle Santner, cosplayer and sewing educator in one of her costumes. Click to visit her website.


Janelle Santner will share how up-cycled and thrifted materials can elevate a cosplay into something that stands out and reduces waste.

Michael Burson as Doctor Strange. Click to check out more of his fantastic costumes on instagram

Michael Burson will discuss how cosplayers adapt, paint, and weathered fabrics to recreate the details of movie studio-quality costumes on a cosplayer's budget.


Click to check out more of Casey Renee costumes on her website.

Casey Renee is a cosplayer and sewing educator who creates intricate, touch-worthy designs with a variety of materials. Casey will explore how texture can elevate the textile arts and how playing with techniques can take a flat design and make it dimensional.


Join the conversation Wednesday, July26 2pm EST

Presented by SAQA


Register to attend

Where next?


After the fabulous trip to Sisters outdoor quilt show, we’re taking some time off to enjoy the summer, and work on a few of our own projects. Including getting ready for the International Quilt Festival in Houston, where we’ll have some big news to share.


Quilt festival logo, click to learn more about the festival.


Thu, Nov 2nd - Sun Nov 5th


July Readers offer

$10 off M2Pro mini project irons + free shipping

Oliso M2Pro project irons in four colors, yellow, pink, purple and turquoise.

Use code Mini10 at checkout.


All offers end midnight Monday 7.17.23

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