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Vac-Snap XL Bags (6ct, 2-Gallon)

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Vac-Snap®; Bags now available Jumbo-sized!

Freshness in a snap! Vac-Snap® bags are reusable*, zipper top, multilayer bags that keep food fresh up to five times longer!

Ideal storage size for large goods

  • Size: 2 Gallon dry weight capacity
  • 10.63 W x 19.63 H inches

Eco-Friendly Storage Bags

  • Airtight, multilayer bags keeps air out and freshness in; reduces food waste
  • Zipper-top for easy access
  • Recloseable and reusable*
  • BPA-Free,#7 recyclable, multilayer bags


  • For refrigerator, freezer or dry good storage
  • Portion contents in advance
  • ideal for personal and commercial transportation


  • For use with all Oliso vacuum sealers

*Reuse not recommended for raw fish, meat and poultry

Vac-Snap XL  Bags (6ct, 2-Gallon)
Vac-Snap XL  Bags (6ct, 2-Gallon)
Vac-Snap XL  Bags (6ct, 2-Gallon)

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