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ProPlus butterscotch

smart iron

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Simply touch the handle, and the iron lowers, ready to work. Take your hand off, and the iron lifts, preventing scorches, burns, and tipping.  It’s not only safer but also saves time as well as your wrists!

The Diamond Ceramic Flow™ soleplate glides effortlessly over the fabric and provides quick, easy clean-up when using fusible interfacing.

ProPlus is bursting with features designed for quilters and sewists:

  • Enhanced iTouch never-lift technology: lifts and lowers with the touch of your hand, preventing burns, saving your wrists, and saving time.
  • Diamond Ceramic Flow™ soleplate: superior heat, durability, and non-stick properties is easy to clean even in the stickiest situations.
  • 2-inch Detailer Tip: Perfect for seams, bias tape, + tight corners. Press under and over pleats, pockets, cuffs, and collars easily.
  • Extended auto shut-off: Extended 30 min standby while working for your convenience, 30-second safety auto shut-off if tipped over.
  • Triple play® steam: powerful vertical and horizontal steam removes the toughest wrinkles.
  • Fabric Selector: for accurate temperature control for synthetic, wool, cotton, and linen.
  • Built-in spray: Stubborn wrinkles? No problem. My built-in spray is a powerful wrinkle buster.
  • Anti-drip system: Prevents spitting and leaking while the iron is hot.
  • Longest cord in class: 12’ cord with a 360° pivot.
  • Largest water tank in class: (12.7 oz/375ml) with easy side-fill door for extended steaming times.
  • 1800 watts power: for quick and even heating.
  • Weight: 3.7 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 11.7" x 5" x 7". 
  • 3-year warranty: You’re part of the family with Oliso’s friendly customer service.
Yellow ProPlus Smart Iron raised on it legs .
Video explaining auto-lift iron, click to play.
Yellow ProPlus iron with auto-lift feature, that works with a simply touch of the handle to automatically lift and lower the iron
ProPlus iron ceramic soleplate is durable, smooth, and easy to clean even when using fusible, large flat pressing area, , 2 inch detailing tip.
ProPlus butterscotch
ProPlus butterscotch
ProPlus butterscotch
ProPlus butterscotch

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