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M2Pro turquoise

mini project iron

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Hello! meet the oliso project iron. Designed just for sewing, quilting + crafting. With the power of a full sized iron in a compact and lightweight design, the oliso project iron fits right next to your sewing machine or in your travel bag. The oliso project iron comes with a solemate so you can leave your oliso project iron in the face down position. The solemate also protects and allows you to store your oliso project iron easily and safely. The oliso project iron fits snugly into the palm of your hand and has been weight-balanced for precision movement and minimal strain on your wrist. It features a Diamond Coated Ceramic sole plate, flat pressing surface, detailer tip, and a 8-foot cord for full range of motion.

    • Snugly fits into the palm of your hand for precision control and minimal strain on your wrist.
    • Diamond ceramic-flow™ soleplate with superior heat, durability, and non-stick properties, easy clean even in the stickiest of situations.
    • Detailer Tip: Perfect for seams, bias tape, + tight corners. Press under and over pleats, pockets, cuffs, and collars with ease.
    • 1-touch steam for horizontal or vertical burst of steam.
    • Solemate™ : Iron rest of high temperature silicone, allows you to place it face down while ironing and quickly store away. with built in storage loop.

    • Universal Voltage: 220/240V + 110/120V ideal for travel.
    • 1000W power: Heats up to accurate temperature in seconds
    • Fabric Selector:Evenly distributes the ideal heat for synthetics + wool + cotton.
    • 8 foot power cord with 180° pivo, keeps cord out of the way.
    • Lightweight about 1.6lbs (0.7Kgs) empty with cord & no Solemate.
    • The approx. length x width x height is 7.5" x 3.7" x 3.7" (19x9.4x9.4cm) with no cord or Solemate.
    • 3-year warranty: You’re part of the family with Oliso’s friendly customer service
    Turquoise Oliso mini project iron.
    Oliso turquoise mini iron, with features highlighted; fabric selector, extra long cord, dual voltage, detailer tip, burst of steam.
    Close up of Mini Projects iron&
    Mini iron&
    Easy to use side mounted steam buttons .
    Cord conveniently wraps around solemate for storage.
    Flip up water door for easy water filling.
    Four mini irons in a row; yellow, pink, purple, and turquoise.
    Close up of mini iron&
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    M2Pro  turquoise

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